Here’s some more info about the Supreme Court audio: “Supreme Court vows quick release of U-M a dmissions tape”, and the Court’s March 27 Press Release.

The Detroit News ran a story today about diversity on campus: “Self-segregation exists on campus at center of affirmative action case” My favorite part? The comments from IFC president Branden Muhl, who said affirmative action admits “blatantly unqualified people” and that self-segregation is “just natural,” concluding: “My view on the whole diversity thing is, if you’re coming to a place where you don’t fit, or you’re so far below the bar and you have to come to this place and compete, you have problems.” Luckily the reporter was able to temper Muhl’s quasi-racist comments with MSA vice-president Monique Perry, whose comments conclude the article: “”I believe this is the best policy we have right now,” Perry added. “It’s kind of a Band-Aid to a wound, but until you can solve racial injustice, make K-12 school systems more equal . . . it’s the best.””

Author: Rob