Ann Arbor Township is considering re-zoning a parcel of land just south of Ann Arbor to accomodate new sprawl:
“Township Trustee and Planning Commission member John Allison disagreed with several of those contentions.”It is clearly not consistent with the Master Plan,” Allison said. He said the land also falls outside the township’s utilities district and that the proposed development could be “burdensome” on the township’s services.”

Another downtown robbery: a clean-cut white man holds up the Comerica at Main and Huron. The inevitably vague description: “The robber was described as white, between 20 to 30 years old, 5-foot-7, medium build, with short brown hair, sunglasses, possibly a mustache, and wearing a white dress shirt, tie and khaki pants.”

And this long article, about a drug bust in Ypsilanti.

Author: Rob