Last week’s Detroit News editorial slamming the Wayne State Student Council for passing a resolution requsting the University divest from corporations that did business in Israel elicited a number of responses in the letters section yesterday: Paul Massaron, chair of the WSU Board of Governors wrote a letter rejecting the resolution, U-M student activist Fadi Kiblawi wrote a letter supporting divestment, and WSU President Irvin Reid wrote a letter claiming divestment in general is not a useful political tool:
“In a complex international economy, divestiture is by no means a dependably responsible approach to influence either political or economic policy. Political beliefs, especially in a fluid global community, are not a practical basis for investment decisions.”
> Read the text of the resolution on the website of the “Students’ Movement for Justice” group at Wayne.

Also, now seems a good time to mention that U-M grad and former head of the Michigan Student Zionists Adi Newman has started his own blog: “Instaconfused”. (A take-off on the popular “instapundit”) I assume he’ll be all over this Wayne State divestment stuff soon. Although I’m not quite sure what he means, he describes me thus: “Tragically deluded liberal has brain, thinks logically, knows Ann Arbor like back of Iraqi flag” Thanks, I guess?

Author: Rob