This AP story about The Michigan Community Scholars Program help put a face to the much-touted “diversity” you’ll be hearing so much about next Tuesday. Criticisms about “political correctness” aside, it’s clear even conservatives put a little something into the mix; ‘”I have a hall full of conservative men,” said Jamie Jameson, a white female residence hall adviser from Corunna, near Flint. “It’s difficult at times because they make fun of [the program], but I learn from them, too.””

Also catching my eye is this Metrotimes article about a California group of white men who support affirmative action. I found Keith Owen’s analysis of affirmative action refreshing, for he rightfully claims it’s as “american as apple pie” after quoting writer Paul Rockwell:

“Minority programs are only a small part of the spectrum of preferential policies in the U.S. It is time to consider the extent to which white males are intertwined with policies of preference for themselves. Tax breaks for corporations, subsidies for middle-class homebuyers, mass transit subsidies for white suburbs, bank bailouts for profligate bank executives, selective allotments for refugees, price supports for corporate farms, are all shot through with considerations of need and preference.”

This Detroit News story seeks to re-kindle the embers of a scandal about the U-M admissions cases last summer that included a scathing editorial in the Wall Street Journal titled “Sixth Circuitry.” The scandal centered around an unusual airing of judicial dirty laundry by sixth circuit court Judge Boggs in his dissent. What the article doesn’t include is claim made by some that the House’s “investigation” of Bogg’s claims was simply a Republican tactic to cast a negitive light on the Sixth Circuit, or in the words someone I talked to then, “create the worst political climate before the decision was released.” Remember, this is the same newspaper that printed a headline about affirmative action refering to it as “quotas,” effectively choosing sides in the case.

Author: Rob