I’ve always felt we’re not getting the whole story when it comes to the Ed Martin scandal. See this from the N.Y. Times story about the sanctions: “N.C.A.A. Bars Michigan From Another Postseason”:
“This is one of the three or four most egregious violations of N.C.A.A. bylaws in the history of the association,” said Thomas E. Yeager, chairman of the association’s infractions committee, calling the team’s success while those players were at Michigan “a sham.”

Yesterday’s NCAA’s Press Release about Michigan also indicates they think the administration more guilty than they’re letting on, and this organization doesn’t exactly have a reputation for strong criticism:
“Although the university attempted to minimize [Ed Martin’s] status as an athletics representative, it was clear to the committee that he was not only a “bona fide” representative of the institution’s athletics interests under NCAA legislation, but prior to his disassociation in 1997, he clearly enjoyed an “insider” status.”
And this:
“According to the report, this case represents the largest acknowledgement of cash payments ($616,000) in the history of NCAA infractions cases. Further, these payments were made to some of the most prominent men’s basketball student-athletes of the era. … While some of the violations occurred several years ago, the actions of the athletics representative continued through most of the 1990s and constituted a continuing pattern of NCAA violations until 1999.”

However, the U of M is planning to appeal the postseason ban. Also, where in hell was this photo taken?

Author: Rob