There’s lots of campus construction-related activity to report from yesterday’s Regents meeting:
> Plans for the long-discussed Law Quad addition were made public yesterday – the 1950’s aluminum addition will be replaced by a building that would continue down Tappan nearly over the underground addition.
> A massive new medical building will be constructed in the middle of the already surreally overcrowded and poorly planned medical campus according to this story in the Ann Arbor News: “U-M Cardiovascular Center OK’d”
> The Regents also approved a schematic design for the long-overdue renovation of the School of Public Health building.
> The Regents approved a new ‘stormwater detention basin’ to be constructed on North Campus.
> The Regents also approved the purchase of an apartment building behind the Thompson street parking structure, to “expand U-M’s options for development on that block.” Here’s a photo of the house from 1999 taken from city records. The University also owns a former historic building on the medical campus.

The U-M Plant Extension department’s webpage is a good way to keep track of construction projects at the ‘U’.

Author: Rob