In the Ann Arbor News story “Downtown on foot can be tough going,” a private consulting firm brainstormed how to make towntown more pedestrian-friendly. Unfortunately, some of their proposals would make the ‘downtown’ area quite boring – and would probubly solve the traffic problem by keeping people away. Here’s the proposals:
“Others proposals included better enforcement of jaywalking rules; prohibiting bicycles from sidewalks; eliminating right turns on red lights; eliminating book tables and outdoor seating on sidewalks; improved signs at intersections; more visible overhead crosswalk signs; lower speed limits; and designated bike-dismount areas where foot traffic is high and street space is narrow.”

Other stories of note:
> Fire has destroyed the Dawn Farm substance abuse recovery facility in Ypsilanti.
> The University has confirmed Tim Slottow as chief financial officer.
> “Jewelry store adds sparkle to South U”
> And, Madras Masala, an ‘Indian-style’ restaurant plans to open next to Cafe Ambrosia next month.

Author: Rob