National/World Articles of Note:
> Wash. Post: “Budget glitch shortchanges AmeriCorps, Enrollment may be cut, Reversing Bush pledge”
> NY Times: “Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets”
> AP: “Court allows secret deportation hearings”
> Cartoon: Race and deregulation
> Asia Times: “The Roving Eye: The masters of the universe”
“The Bilderberg club is regarded by many financial and business elites as the high chamber of the high priests of capitalism. … The Bilderberg mingles central bankers, defense experts, press barons, government ministers, prime ministers, royalty, international financiers and political leaders from Europe and America. … The Bilderberg does not invite – or accept – Asians, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans or Africans.

Author: Rob