NBC plans to air a special focusing in part on former LSA-SG President Monique Luse:
“NBC has confirmed it will air a 1-hour special on the U-M admissions cases Friday, June 6, at 8 pm. According to the executive producer, the piece:

* Deals exclusively with the undergraduate case
* Tells the story on affirmative action and the admissions policies at U-M through the lives of two people, plaintiff Jennifer Gratz and U-M student Monique Luse
* Takes a historical look at the issue
* Focuses on African American alumni from U-M’s class of 1973 — their experiences, their careers and lives, and their perspectives on the issue
* Tom Brokaw hosts the program and conducts many of the interviews, including a discussion with a panel of 1973 alumni. President Coleman, Marvin Krislov and Lee Bollinger were interviewed as well.”

Author: Rob