Annarborosux should get out more, or he/she would know Cafe Ambrosia is indeed far superior to Starbucks. “Bashing Starbucks is so late ’90s” they wrote in response to Jess Piskor’s Daily article about coffee shops in which he castigates U-M students for voting Starbucks best A2 coffee shop, complaining about their “… poorly cleaned bathrooms, tired music, weak food options, corporately trained robot employees and exceedingly hip decor, not to mention a tragically banal clientele.”

While my own opinion of Starbucks is slightly different that Piskor’s, it’s a shame Annarborsux hasn’t ventured to Cafe Ambrosia, where you’ll have a good chance of running into one of the two co-owners themselves behind the counter. They also have something the best Ann Arbor small businesses have – politics, whether you like it or not. See this quote from an April 3 Daily article:
“Café Ambrosia owner Ed Renollet said he will pull his café’s advertisements until the ads are withheld. “Campus newspapers should be promoting peace – these ads do not. If someone wants to place an ad they reserve the right, but still these ads are damaging because they support hate,” Renollet said.”

Also, what other coffee shop can boast its own, albeit neglected, weblog?

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Author: Rob