Yup, Cyanide Still Does the Trick

" ... Furlough had invited Vassiliev to his home in the afternoon of Jan. 3, 2003. The teenagers had been playing video games and watching a movie in Furlough's basement when he spiked Vassiliev's soft drink and offered it to him, Furlough told detectives. Shortly afterward, Vassiliev began having seizures and was taken to the hospital. He fell into a coma and died five days later. ...

During the trial, they had argued that Furlough's use of the antidepressant Effexor had clouded his thinking and that he was emotionally distraught and close to suicide at the time of the murder.

Kane rejected that request, siding with prosecutors, who said the killing was "calculated and deliberated in a diabolical manner." Prosecutors said that Furlough had planned Vassiliev's murder for months and that he felt slighted by his friend's failure to give him presents on his birthday and Christmas and threatened by Vassiliev's relationship with his girlfriend. ..."
> W. Post: "Md. Teen Gets Life For Poisoning Friend"

Also, young attendees to the Democratic Convention in Boston next week might be interested in ourconvention.com, a "youth guide to the convention." Attendees might also want to check out a handy guide to events posted by Wonkette: "Democratic convention: Where the Party Is" Finally, here's a handy list of people who will be blogging the convention.

> Also, WTOP: "Residents Want Tenleytown Fire Station Open"


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