Washington City Museum Struggling

The City Museum of Washington D.C. is facing a problem: nobody's coming. Attendance so far this year is 33,000, far less than the 100,000+ some thought possible. Just steps from the new convention center, the museum isn't lacking in location. Some are faulting conventional displays, or the $5 entrance fee:

"Many visitors said they felt disconnected and confused about the storytelling in the museum."

Camille Riggs Mosley, a consultant and member of the museum's board, says the repositioning should reflect that there are many Washingtons and many experiences to tell: "That is the challenge with everything we try to do. Nothing that is done in Washington serves all people. Washington is political, Washington is black, Washington is wealthy, Washington is emerging Hispanic. There is not only one Washington."
If Washington isn't your idea of fun, there's always the penny museum, about which the AP says: "Squished penny museum elongates fun"

> W. Post: "City Museum on Shaky Ground"
> City Museum of Washington D.C.


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