Speeding Cameras in the District

The Washington Times means to imply automated speeding tickets are a source of revenue? Shocking.

"... The Washington Times reported last month that 2800 block of New York Avenue NE in May was the cameras' most lucrative site. The outbound roadway — a six-lane, divided highway between two service roads — accounted for 10,868 speed-camera citations, more than 17 percent of the tickets
issued that month, according to Metropolitan Police statistics.

At the automated traffic-enforcement program's minimum fine — $30 — the New York Avenue zone generated at least $326,040 in May. ...

However, three of the 10 most-dangerous intersections in the District are not monitored by traffic cameras, The Times reported in May.

The intersections — 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, First Street and New York Avenue NW, and North Capitol Street and New York Avenue NW — had 34 hit-and-run accidents and 40 injury-producing accidents in 2001, the most recent year for which data are available, according to the D.C. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Meanwhile, the District collected more than $2 million in speed-camera citations for the third consecutive month in May, bringing to more than $51 million the total revenue produced by the program since its inception in 2001. ..."

> W. Times: "Bill would limit speed cameras"
> Read more about Automatated Speed Enforcement, see map of "photo radar enforcement zones"


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