The Sky Is Falling ... In the Metro At Least

Perhaps my friend and former transit safety professional the Oculus can help explain this mysterious mishap:

WASHINGTON (AP) - A frightening incident at Metro's Farragut North station this afternoon, where a 20' X 20' chunk of the ceiling came tumbling down.

An Associated Press reporter who happened to be there at the time says the metal just missed several people, but that it does not appear anyone was hurt. She describes it as sounding like an explosion.

This happened between the escalators and the farecard machines at the entrance on the southwest corner of Connecticut Avenue and "L" Street, Northwest. That entrance is now closed.

The other parts of the Red Line station remain open, including two other entrances (NE corner Connecticut Ave. & K St., NE corner Connecticut Ave. & L St.)

Metro is still investigating what caused the collapse." WTOP")


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