Postmodern Urban Economic Development

Gothamist reports today that NYC will be graced with large, painted apples as part of that city's "painted objects left around town" program, making that city a decidedly late joiner in the national phenomenon. (Even my hometown of Portland, Maine (pop 62K) had a program of painted lighthouses a year ago)

DC residents will by now be intimately familiar with this type of thing, having already enjoyed 200 elephants and donkeys around town in 2002 as part of the "Party Animals DC" program which simultaneously reinforced DC's reputation as having a rich cultural life outside of politics, and our pluralistic, multi-party democracy. (Perhaps the Green Party just didn't have a cute animal?)

Currently, District residents are experiencing the city's "Pandamania" program, whose website features a gallery of the 150 Pandas distributed around town. Some of my favorites include Panda L'Enfant, Tourist Panda, and, of course, World Wide Panda.

There are of course some weaker ones: a metro-themed bear I spotted near the DC Public Library seemed hastily constructed. A friend of mine told me she enjoyed the food-teamed bears, including Panda Melon, and Chocolate Dipped Strawbeary, but I thought those presented the viewer a disconcerting set of questions, such as: "What do Pandas taste like?" and "How could they make a strawberry into the shape of a Panda, anyway?"

ALSO: The AP reports that Metro is investigating the cause of yesterday's late afternoon ceiling collapse at Farragut North, although they took the opportunity to remind everyone that the "Transit agency needs more than $1 billion to refurbish aging stations, and replace trains and equipment, officials say."


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