NAACP Chapter Denied at Catholic University

Students at Catholic University petitioning to form a student chapter of the NAACP found their efford denied last June, university officials citing "a desire to consolidate, not multiply, the number of student organizations on campus and because of concerns over the NAACP’s support for abortion rights." After a June 16 meeting between the president of the University and president of the NAACP Kweisi Mfume ended in stalemate, the NAACP has been racheting up the pressure, recently petitioning the pope and holding a protest where some members held signs reading, "Is C-U-A the last plantation?" Audio from that protest is available in MP3 format on the DC Indymedia website.

> NBC4: "Catholic University, NAACP Leaders Meet On Chapter Dispute"
> NAACP PR: "NAACP Calls Catholic University Decision To Block NAACP Student Chapter Arbitrary And Racist"


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