Minimum Wage Hike, Fireworks Ban Considered

As my colleague at the Oculus has already noted, the D.C. Council is considering two proposals which would increase the minimum wage from $6.15/her to perhaps as high as $7.00/hr, to be voted on "in late September." The Council is also considering banning fireworks:

" ... There were more than 90 legal fireworks stands in the city this year, but Graham and Fenty say illegal sales are often made either at the stands or nearby. Under their bill, permits would still be given to use fireworks, so there's no danger to the show over the National Mall.

Firecrackers and cherry bombs are among the items banned in D.C. Sparklers under 20-inches, torches and cones remain legal.

Fireworks are completely banned in neighboring Montgomery and Prince George's counties, but are allowed in Virginia." (WTOP)

If that weren't enough, 8 members of the D.C. Council have signed a statement strongly opposed to the slots proposal, which they think would "worsen the District's struggles with crime, poverty, and addiction."


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