The Friendly Skies

Inaccurate information from a Southwest Airlines flight coming to Baltimore Washington Airport yesterday meant emergency officials feared they have a large-scale medical emergency on their hands. Although the flight was met by "a half-dozen" ambulances, and was boarded at BWI by emergency professionals wearing HAZMAT containments suits, only one passanger turned out to be sick. It turned out the emergency was caused when one women, who boarded the plane sick, vomited, and people around her experienced what a Southwest spokesman described as "sympathy nausea."

"More than a half-dozen ambulances were sent to the airport, where the plane landed about 10:25 p.m., about 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Personnel in containment suits, designed to protect against hazardous environments, were the first to board the plane, authorities said.

Amid the flurry of activity sparked by the first reports from the plane, those who responded included a hazardous materials team, two paramedic units and a medical task force. ...

Of the four who reported symptoms after the Southwest Airlines jetliner from Houston landed, one woman was taken to a hospital, where her condition was described as non-life-threatening. The other three declined hospitalization.

> W. Post: "4 Sickened on Flight From Houston to BWI"


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