Conservative Ketchup War

"Is W Ketchup a conservative or nonpartisan condiment? Are you (Zachary) and all of your investors Republicans? If not, isn't it disingenuous to market to conservatives and imply that you share their views?" inquired Spero.
Conservatives upset that John Kerry's wife is Teresa Heinz Kerry, an heiress to the Heinz company fortune through her first marriage, have started their own ketchup line. The Heinz company quickly pointed out that "Mrs. Heinz Kerry is not involved in the Heinz Company ... All of the Heinz family interest in the Heinz Company accounts for less than 4 percent of our stock." However, conservative condiment entrepreneurs decided any percentage was too much.

The first company to offer a politically-themed alternative was W Ketchup, who posit "You don't support democrats. Why should your ketchup?" (The "W" is for George Washington) However, it didn't take long for upstart Bush Country Ketchup to allege the founder of W Ketchup wasn't sufficiently conservative, criticizing W Ketchup Founder Dan Oliver for telling a news organization he wanted the Ketchup to be "Republican but not partisan, having a positive message all Americans can agree on." Apparently, that's enough to suggest there are "Donkeys running in W Ketchup's so-called herd of Elephants." In the midst of all this madness, didn't it occur to anyone a simple generic brand would be just as effective if your goal was to avoid Heinz?

> "First Rounds Fired in Conservative 'Ketchup War'"
> Scripps-Howard: "Bush Supporters Can Squirt W Ketchup on Their Fries Instead of Heinz"


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