The Cicadas' Last Laugh

Thought the cicadas were gone for good? Well, almost - first their offspring have to rain from the trees:

... But up in the trees of several mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states, the next generation is just beginning its 17-year life. Within the next few weeks, the billions of eggs that female cicadas deposited in branches will hatch.
Tiny white nymphs no bigger than a sesame seed with beady red eyes will rain down from branches to the ground, burrow into tree roots and start their long development. They won't emerge as adults until 2021. [...]
Most people won't notice the nymphs' dash to safety because they are so small, said Gene Kritsky, a biology professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati. But if seen in the right light, they look like small sparkles raining out of trees.

Sparkles? ... sounds pleasant enough ...

> From W. Times: "Hatchlings from bygone 17-year cicadas to rain down"


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