Capitol Hill Alley Bottles Analyzed

A letter writer to the Capitol Hill Newspaper Voice of the Hill reports back the brands and types of beverages he discovered in his alley:

" ... Several hours of scouring the alley behind the 1300 block of E Street SE one Saturday afternoon produced a small cache, a possible cross-section, of your typical alley drinker’s beverage(s) of choice. And the winner is: Hennessy Cognac. Nearly three gallons of the stuff. All empty bottles mind you.
Yes folks, non other than Hennessy, which their website describes this way: "But whether it is served in a traditional snifter glass by the fireside, as a long drink, on the rocks or in the most inventive cocktail, Hennessy is always associated with human warmth, refinement and seduction. It is the drink for special occasions."

Our intrepid good neighbor also discovered 9 brands of beer, including Bubba, Schlitz, and Steel Reserve, and also 7 brands of bottled water.


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