9-11 Highjackers Searched at Dulles

Video released today shows the 9-11 highjackers who took off on aircraft at Dulles Airport were subjected to additional scrutiny by security staff:

"(07.22.04) — Surveillance cameras at Dulles International Airport captured video of four of five September eleventh highjackers undergoing additional security checks before they boarded an ill-fated jetliner.

The video, was released by a law firm representing the families of some of the attacks victims shows some of the Middle Eastern men being checked by a screener holding a metal detector after they set off metal detectors while going through airport security. Another portion of the video shows a a screener hand checking the carry on luggage of another highjacker for traces of explosives before allowing him to board American Airlines Flight 77. The highjacker who is believed to have piloted the plane after it was taken over in flight was not stopped by the screeners.

The airliner slammed into the Pentagon on Nine-Eleven, killing 189 people, including 125 people at Defense Department headquarters." (Fox5)


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